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Garland offers an expansive line cold-applied adhesives, as well as a wide range of mastics that create a strong bond to adhere a variety of built-up and modified bitumen roofing systems, insulations, and deck types. Cold-applied adhesives provide eco-friendly characteristics that are critical to hospitals, schools, and other environmentally sensitive applications.

Emergency Mastic

Product Description

Emergency Mastic is a multi-purpose, all temperature roof cement designed for trowel application on any clean built-up roofing surface. Emergency Mastic is plasticised to remain pliable yet durable longer than conventional roofing cement. It contains fibre reinforcement which eliminates the need for membrane support in normal temporary repair situations. It is suitable for cold-weather application and it adheres to both damp and dry surfaces.

Product Advantages

  • The anytime - anywhere repair material
  • Minimises roof leak damage
  • One step application saves time and money



Technical Data

Technical DataEmergency Mastic
VOC Status270 g/l
Flash Point65 °C
Non-Volatile85 %
Packaging19 l

Approvals and Certifications

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