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Project Highlight - GKN Aerospace

Failing masonary as a result of rusting external services restored using Garland's Tuff-Coat multi-functional liquid system

The manufacturing plant at GKN Bristol houses some very Hi –Tec production yet is housed in undistinguished brick built units. The buildings were leaking not from the roof, but through the external brickwork, where the steel frames had rusted to such an extent that the expanding steelwork had blown the brickwork resulting in large gaps and cracks.

The External walls had been utilized over many years to provide support for numerous items of plant, much of which was now redundant. Some of the external plant items would need to be retained and would need to be retained in position while work proceeded providing treatment to the Brickwork and steel supports. We discussed in detail with the client their options. Any form of external cladding would have to encapsulate the plant items retained , and access once complete would be impossible . Following consultation and a small pilot scheme the client decided to proceed with Garland Tuff Coat

Tuff-Coat is a heavy-bodied, ready-to-use emulsified acryl-ic architectural wall coating. It damp proofs and beautifies all types of exterior and interior masonry surfaces such as concrete, stucco, brick, and exterior insulation and finishing systems (EFIS). Tuff-Coat will not peel, chip, blister or crack when applied on properly prepared surfaces. It hides stains and discolourations, and it is low fading and has a washable coating surface. We worked Closely with the on- site estates team to establish which plant items could remain and what needed to remain in place in the end for skip full of redundant plant was removed from the walls. We also engaged the help of a structural engineer to explore the possibility of exposing the steels that were concealed behind brick piers, this was allowed and enabled the steel to be treated first by the removal of surface Rust then a treatment of Garland two part metal primer and top coat to define the steelworks against the light grey finish of the Tuff Coat.

Other units on the site of much latter construction were metal clad and finished in a colour that we were able to match with the Tuff Coat Treatment. Once the scope of works had been determined we were able to produce a scope of works detailing the level and type of preparation required together with the thee coat application of the Tuff Coat with contrasting colours finishing in the grey colour . All spoiled brickwork and mortar cracks were filled with Garland TS Mastic which is fully compatible with the Tuff Coat System.

A fully boarded scaffold was provided to all elevations of the building and clad in a waterproof cover. It was a requirement of the specification provided that prior to any surface treatment the walls would require power washing to remove all surface dust & vegetation growth the subsequent drying of the walls prior to treatment was greatly aided by the provision of the waterproof shroud and gave some drama to the project when unveiled after 4 months the project took to complete.

Project Highlight - Compton School


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Saturday, 06 March 2021

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